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September 7, 2009

A unique blog is born

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I did some research – it looks like there are approximately 150- 200 million blogs on planet Earth in September 2009.  What makes the CityMelt blog different from all the rest?  Hard to say just yet, but I can promise our blog will not be junk content just to get traffic and we will not scrape other sites for content.  Our content will be interesting within our realm of expertise.  We will try to add posts as often as possible without breaking our first rule – only worthwhile content will be posted.

CityMelt is about local places and the people who inhabit those places.  We will post about the towns and cities where we have traveled or once lived and give you the inside scoop.  We will talk about geographical features, crime reports, weather averages, and quality of education.  Real estate is also quite important to people relocating to an area and we will be giving you our unbiased opinion from the buyer’s point of view.  Sometimes we will go off topic a bit and talk about something that we know about, or recently experienced, that we think you may find interesting.

That’s it for now – just wanted to get my initial thoughts out there – lots more to come.

– Steve

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